Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trophy Hunting Legal but Killing for "Medicinal Purposes" is not?

I ran the last long run this morning, 8 miles, and forgot to tape my chest. The blood seeping through my shirt is a reminder in a weird way of all the blood that has been shed for one simple reason: greed. While greed does keep people motivated on some level, it also makes people do things that are truly shameful. Shame is also a motivator in its own right, so perhaps that really is the key to solving this issue.
This article on NPR shows how complicated it all is. Read it and ask yourself  why it is legal to trophy hunt but not to tranquilize the rhino and take its horn? Neither should be legal if the animal in endangered, period. The discussion is obviously ongoing, as is the fight to protect what rhinos are left.Please donate today! Eight days until the race!

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