Thursday, February 23, 2012

Closer to Home

This is a picture of the men who are working tirelessly to raise funds for the protection of the rhinoceroses under their watch. They had a bike-a-thon in August 2011and raised 20,000 rand. They bought a few items-bullet proof vests and some night vision equipment, but there is still a tremendous need for supplies.

As far as the training goes, I ran twenty miles last weekend, and I felt like I could have run more. The marathon is less than a month away, and I feel ready. My resolve is bolstered by the story in today's LA Times: a raid on a smuggling ring much closer to home than I'd ever imagined. Less than twenty miles away from where we live, people were profiting from the illegal poaching of South African rhinoceros horns. It sums up the whole issue really well, so I encourage you to read it.Just click here or go to Pages heading and click on Justice in California to read all about it! Go U.S. Fish and Wildlife Inspectors! This is truly a global effort.....
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Matt Luber

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